Friday, May 12, 2006

This is where my thoughts lie lately.

I haven't shot a decent photo in months. Life has been stagnant for just as long, with the exception of this last weekend where I actually had a somewhat social life: going to a foreign film in an arthouse theater, spending time with two different friends in two different cafes which were right across the street from each other. It was exhilarating, different, almost like being on vacation. But this time I didn't even need to leave town. The depressing thing about it is that you eventually go home, to the reality of a house that could have used a little dusting, a little attention -- a somewhat difficult task when you don't have the energy or motivation. It makes weekends all that much shorter.

So my thoughts wander to places other than where I am. I will probably be posting photos from vacation as a way of reminding me of a more carefree time. Or it might just make me feel worse because we can't be there.

Summer is officially here. Tonight we sleep with the fan on.


Blogger Antonio Olmos said...

i like your blog. i really do. short and poetic. nice thing you said about your holiday. made me feel nice to have been a part of it.. tony

4:15 PM  

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