Sunday, June 18, 2006


the crazy dog lady who lives catty corner from us is at it again.

last night her dog was barking again, as usual when the weather is warm and only made worse because we like to open our windows. occasionally we'll hear her whistling at him to keep him quiet, though sometimes she'll whistle even when he's not making noise.

a couple of minutes later i hear a high-pitched noise. i couldn't tell what it was exactly over the sound of our fan. was it a puppy whimpering? i got closer to the window to listen a little carefully. this time i heard two differently high-pitched sounds. i turned off the fan. no, it wasn't the dog but the dog lady doing operatic scale exercises or something. she did this for about five minutes. this was new to me. i told my husband and he said this wasn't the first time she's done it.

i looked at the clock. it was a little after two o'clock in the morning.


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