Friday, July 21, 2006

there was the most incredible sky as the sun set yesterday. k. had called me to go outside and do it quickly before it disappeared. i told my weather-loving co-worker and we hurried out the room, down the stairs and outside. we were slammed by oppressive heat saturating the air and a gorgeous glowing light. we hurried around the corner and oohed and ahhhed at the sky: bubbly mammatus clouds lit like orange embers backed by a blue sky rarely ever seen in these parts. my co-worker and i stood there awestruck for several minutes. weather geeks that we are, we exclaimed that maybe we should have lived somewhere where they actually have interesting weather, like the midwest.

last night on our way home from work we saw two groups of four men, both on opposite sides of the street. one group, we think members of a band from the mexican nightclub on the corner, were wearing white long-sleeved shirts and cowboy hats. they hurriedly crossed the street only to just meet and pass the other group of four young men, all about the same build and height wearing black baggy pants and black t-shirts. it was a sort of clash of cultures old and new, a study in contrasts. that particular intersection is definitely one of the most interesting -- and dangerous [there was a murder in the nightclub parking lot a few weeks ago] -- corners in town.


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