Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pollardville, I hardly knew ye

For years, ever since we've been traveling up and down Highway 99 to Sacramento and back it's been there. Somewhere in the quickly shrinking emptiness between Elk Grove to the north and Stockton to the south you can spot it -- a tower looming over the land, even more impressive when lit up like the theater marquees of old. and at the very top its crowning glory: an 8-foot tall chicken.

In nine months, the Pollardville Chicken Kitchen and Ghost Town will be no more.

For years, the tower with the giant chicken has been a beacon, one of few California roadside reminders of days gone by, a landmark that told us that in about half an hour we'd be in Sacramento. On the last trip up I noticed the intrusion of new homes just yards away from the Chicken Kitchen and its neighboring Showboat [a dinner theatre, i think?]. i knew this didn't bode well.

we have a friend who said he's always wanted to try the place. how could you not want to? it's the last of the kitsch. we made a pact to meet there sometime. i just didn't realize how soon we'd need to act on it.

so it must be done. before that big chicken in the sky goes the way of the dodo. even if it means our first meal there will be the last one, i feel a need to pay our respects to our old friend, that proud and cocky bird in the sky. While there's still time.


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